Stough Creek Basin, Wind River Range
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Friday, September 07, 2018
By Farrar & Ketelle Photography

In August 2018 three friends and I spent a week in the Stough Creek Basin in the southeastern part of Wyoming's Wind River Range. We backpacked in from Worthen Meadow which is above Sinks Canyon to the west of Lander, WY. The area we were in is on the eastern side of the Continental Divide and lies in the Popo Agie Wilderness in the Shoshone National Forest. We found a nice campsite on a knoll above Big Stough Lake that we used as our basecamp for the 5 nights we were in the backcountry. Luckily, there were not fire restrictions in this area during our visit which allowed us to have nice evening cooking fires. The Stough Creek Basin is itself a glacial valley cut down into Roaring Fork Mountain which borders the valley on the east, south, and west.  Each day we ventured to several of the approximately 10 different lakes that occupy the valley floor or are nestled into the smaller cirques that line the western valley perimeter. Two of us fished on these outings and supper for the four of us each evening included fresh trout cooked over a campfire. The weather during our time in the mountains was pretty hazy and smoky much of the time and on two evenings we had to get in our tents just after cleaning up from dinner because of hard rainstorms that lasted well past dark. Dingy skies and haze made photography less interesting than fishing during this trip. I hope you will enjoy this brief trip report.

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John C Ross - We were north of you and had the same hazy conditions below us - we were above 10,000 for 11 days - you had the same colder weather and rain storms we had I venture - then we had snow and sleet up on the Glacier Trail
George - Dick, l love reading your trip summaries and viewing the photos. The roaring fork mountain has some interesting features.
GEORGE G RITTER - Beautiful country! Thanks for sharing! I made one trip over the Bear Mountains with Bob and BJ Perlack, BJ's brother and his daughter. Three anglers put fish on our table(?) almost every night.
Ed - Looks like a fun time in pretty country. Thanks for sharing.
Jan - I'd say you got some nice pictures despite smoke, haze and rain. Sounds like another good trip! Thanks for sharing it with us.
bob alexander - terrain, water and fish all look believably beautiful.
appreciate your sharing.
Dick prob took some WQ measurements, im sure.
tom - Wow - that male broke is all mouth! Beautiful! thanks for transporting me there through your pix.
Dawn - These photos are beautiful thank you for sharing love all the descriptions
Stewart Taylor - Dick, I reallly enjoyed your pictures of the Wind River Range. As you probably remember Phyllis, TJ Tolnas and I went out there to hike. We stayed in Pinedale. We had great time and obviously you did too. Thanks for sharing your pictures.